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250W COB LED Flood Light High Luminance 160LmW Citizen LED Chip Industrial Light

250W COB LED Flood Light High Luminance 160LmW Citizen LED Chip Industrial Light

We, Senlu lighting, is a top LED manufacturer in China, targeting at high-end market, especially high power products. We spend 12 years on the research of effective heat sink with the purpose of solving the main problem of LED – heat dissipation. In 2015, the 9 th generation heat sink (sunflower...

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250W COB LED Flood Light high luminance 160LmW Citizen LED chip industrial light

Led light-emitting chip is the core component of led light. The main function is to convert electrical energy into light energy. The main material of the chip is monocrystalline silicon.

200W (750kuan).JPG


Average Lifespan

50000 hours

IP Rating


Fixture Material

Aluminum Alloy


Wall, Ground or Ceiling Mount

Ambient Temperature



3 years

4. 250W LED floodlight IES / LUX

Super brightness high lumen output LED tunnel light 200W COB LED floodlight

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