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Maintenance and overhaul of explosion-proof lamp

Jun 15, 2017

Maintenance and overhaul of explosion-proof lamp the explosion-proof lamp should be checked in the nameplate and product specification before installation: explosion-proof type, category, grade, group, protection level of enclosure, installation mode and fastener requirements for installation. Installation of explosion-proof lamp to ensure that fixed securely, fastening bolts should not be replaced arbitrarily, spring washers should be complete. Dust-proof, waterproof sealing ring should be installed as is.

The cable enters the line, the cable and the seal washer must cooperate closely, the cable cross-section should be round, and the sheath surface should not have the bump and so on the flaw. The extra inlet line shall be sealed according to the type of explosion proof, and the clamping nut will be tightened so as to seal the inlet line.

In the maintenance of daily maintenance, the following points need to be noted. Explosion-proof lamp, the lampshade should be able to automatically cut off the power before opening. However, the installation of interlocking device is more complex and difficult to achieve, so most of the lamps and lanterns only in the case of the obvious place "strictly prohibited to open" warning signs. The surface temperature is still high after the light bulb has been cut off if you open the lampshade immediately, there is still the danger of igniting the mixture of explosive gases (mainly the explosion-proof structure), so the incandescent lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp these bulbs surface temperature high light source, but also can quickly open the lid of the lamp to pay attention to this.

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