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Precautions for inspection and repair of explosion-proof lamps

Jun 15, 2017

1, maintenance personnel need to be trained by post, understand the use of lamps and lanterns, clear use requirements. Maintenance personnel must have professional knowledge, familiar with the lighting product structure.

2. Check the plastic housing (transparent parts) of the lamp has no serious discoloration, such as serious discoloration, indicating that the plastic has aged. Check the transparent parts have no foreign body impact traces, the protection of the network has no loosening, welding, corrosion and so on. If so, should stop use, timely maintenance replacement.

3. Periodically eliminate the dust and dirt on the casing of the explosion-proof lamp, improve the light efficiency and the heat dissipation performance of the luminaire. The cleaning method can be based on the protection capability of the lamp casing, using spray water (above the sign on the luminaire) or wiping with damp cloth. When the water is washed, the power should be cut off, and the plastic housing of the luminaire should be strictly prohibited.

4, light source damage should be in time to turn off the lights, notice replacement, lest because the light source can not start and ballast and other electrical components for a long period of abnormal state.

5. After opening the lid should check whether the explosion-proof bonding surface intact, whether the rubber seals harden or become sticky, the conductor insulation layer is green and carbonized, insulating parts and electrical components have deformation and scorch marks. If these problems are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time.

6, open the lampshade, should be in accordance with the warning sign requirements, break the power after the lid.

7, humid environment in the use of lamps and lanterns in the case of water should be removed in a timely manner, the replacement of sealing parts, to ensure the protection of the shell.

8. The part of the Luminaire seal should not be disassembled and opened frequently.

9, the application of wet cloth before the cover (not too wet) light wipes light back and transparent parts, in order to improve the light efficiency. In the explosion-proof bonding surface should be coated with a layer of 204-1 replacement anti-rust oil, Guangue should pay attention to the sealing ring in the original position to play a role in sealing.

10, repair and replacement of the light source, components and electrical components of the model, specifications, dimensions, performance and repair before the replacement of the light source, components and electrical components are fully consistent.

If the use of explosion-proof fluorescent lamps and other cold light fixtures, there is no surface temperature problems, and there is a closed-cut interlock mechanism, for the maintenance of the work to provide a convenient and security. Because the fluorescent lamp is the cold light source lamp, does not have the surface high temperature, after the power failure may immediately open the cover.

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