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Solve the explosion problem of LED explosion-proof lamp

Jun 15, 2017

This situation, I think most people have not encountered it. But since someone has met, let's analyze it.

According to the records of the inspectors, we understand that the use of this case has not recently contacted the LED explosion-proof lamp, but has been used several times.

There is not much water in the working environment, and it is not going to explode as normal.

After the scene of the site to see, the original is led explosion-proof lamps in the upper walls of the water pipe aging, some water penetration, after the wire, flow to the explosion-proof lamp, because some design did not take into account the wall seepage, so those water directly into the interior, explosion-proof lamp is to prevent internal explosions and then affect the external, but the internal long time into the water, causing some electronic control equipment short-circuit, bulb explosion.

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