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The difference between floodlight, Spotlight and Illumination lamp

Jun 15, 2017

Floodlight (light or plain lamp)

The floodlight generally does not set the lens (except the light floodlight), but uses the direct light from the light source and the beam from the surface, it has a pointed structure, but there is also a floodlight used as a long-distance illumination, which directs light from the lens to the light, which is the light floodlight. In addition, there is a wider range of lights designed for all lighting, and for the part of the stage to create a more effective soft light, or to make the surface uniform lighting to adjust its angle and other needs of the design of individual lamps.

Floodlight with a wide range of light, soft light and uniform characteristics, with the color filter to obtain other colors of light. The floodlight used in stage lighting is generally designed into a row of lamps for large area lighting. The stage of the local effect lighting, the use of adjustable angle of the individual lamps. Floodlight in the range of stage lighting can not have spot and visible edge traces of light spots.

II. Spotlight

The structure of the spotlight is the beam that can be emitted from the light source using mirrors to concentrate the light on the local area of the stage through the lens. Can adjust the light flux and projection angle of the light, adjust the way there are two kinds of moving light source and moving lens.

Spotlight on the stage lighting of the basic lighting, its light system is mainly composed of concave reflection and condenser. Its characteristic is: its spot middle is bright, the edge is clear, its projection light range is narrower than the floodlight light, can adjust the light intensity in the projection light range. The regulation is divided into two kinds of light source moving type and lens moving type, and the local light effect can be obtained by adjusting the illumination change of the smoothness. The condenser is generally used in the face light. The Slap, side light, column light, top light, and other lighting, at present in the stage lighting is a large number of uses.

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