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The necessity of installing explosion-proof lamps

Jun 15, 2017

The ordinary illumination lamp uses for a long time, the temperature of oneself surface will be very high, and some lights, like ordinary floodlight, the temperature is very high in the first half meters of the lamp, if in a relatively sealed environment, the common floodlight for a long time is very easy to make the surface of the following temperature rise, the environment becomes dry, if there is any open flame around, it is easy to burn up.

Therefore, the installation of explosion-proof lamp is very necessary. Different environments have different requirements for explosion-proof lamps. Ordinary storage of cereals, cartons and other environments, the installation of the explosion-proof lamp as long as the temperature is not high. The height of the carton should not exceed a certain height. Even if the explosion-proof lamp irradiation for a long time there is no big problem; like gas stations, and so on, because the air in the vaporization of diesel oil, gasoline more, so it is necessary to install some explosion-proof capability of the better explosion-proof lamps, such as LED explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof floodlight Mines and other places, can be equipped with explosion-proof headlights, as well as explosion-proof flashlight, but also in the thought of installing explosion-proof LED.

Above is some explosion-proof lamp knowledge, the installation of explosion-proof lamp or the installation of explosion-proof lights for the wonderful, lest cause accidents, wounding Shang and harm.

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