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The use of explosion-proof emergency lamp and precautions

Jun 15, 2017

Explosion-proof emergency lamp applicable to a variety of indoor and outdoor workplaces. China's coal and carbon industry, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, power, metallurgy, railways, steel, ships, troops, aerospace, public security fire, chemical, government departments, stadiums, transportation and large enterprises fixed lighting use needs.

How to use

The end cover of the luminaire with the connection hole is opened, the Inter 14mm three-core cable line is introduced into the luminaire, the tightening nut is tightened to ensure that the cable is sealed, and then the three threads of the cable line are connected to the wiring, directly connected to the power supply or connect the extension cord, and then the power Turn off the power switch, determine the installation mode and position of the luminaire according to the requirement of the spot lighting, and install the luminaire with M4 screw and gasket.


1, the transport will be installed in the lamp box, and add foam damping.

2. When installing lamps and lanterns, the luminaire should be grounded safely nearby.

3, when using, the lamp surface has certain temperature rise, is the normal phenomenon, the transparent piece center temperature is high, may not touch.

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