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Whether led explosion-proof lamp price can win more market

Jun 15, 2017

According to little compiled understanding, some led explosion-proof lamp prices of 200, 300, the brand well-known led explosion-proof lamps are close to the price of about 600, so high prices, so that some ordinary consumers wait and see more, buy less.

Some people visit the market, to learn a lot of explosion-proof lamp shop, the most popular is the 100-yuan led explosion-proof lamp, the price of the LED explosion-proof lamp although performance is less than 6, 700 yuan price of LED explosion-proof lamp, but the explosion-proof performance, explosion-proof level has been far more than the user's needs, and led explosion-proof lamp service life, nor the slightest less than the brand led explosion-proof lamp.

LED explosion-proof lamps are widely used in engineering, oil fields, mine, such as air or space with dangerous goods or gas sites, some food processing industry, although there is no inflammable and explosive substances, but in order to prevent the bulb explosion on the processing of food pollution, so more and more food processing manufacturers will change the lighting to led explosion-proof lights or explosion-proof lamps. In this way, the future led explosion-proof lights to exert their fists, that is, the civilian field, I believe the future led explosion-proof lamp can be derived from civilian, design more suitable for civilian led explosion-proof lamps and lanterns.

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