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Why the price of explosion-proof lamps is high

Jun 15, 2017

In recent years, more companies, the company's bosses understand that only safe production, is the best interests. So some security measures are trying to do it, but some of the price of explosion-proof products is to discourage some bosses.

First, let's look at the explosion-proof lights. Explosion-proof lamp interior is generally composed of light source electrical, respectively, the power supply, lamp beads. Explosion-proof lamp shell because of the pursuit of explosion-proof capability, so the selection of high-quality materials, as well as the production of excellent production technology, which increases the production cost. Explosion-proof lighting source electrical appliances generally selected foreign products, which also increased the production costs. It also has to be coated with a layer of rust-proof anti-corrosion paint, which is a factor in increasing costs. These factors increase the price of the explosion-proof lamp, while the explosion-proof lamp installation, but also increase the cost of the user side. At present, can compress the price of explosion-proof lamp, also in the selection of materials, internal components of the localization, self-production of the fuss. Believe that the price of explosion-proof lamps can be reduced, and product quality does not decline, there will be more business owners choose explosion-proof lamp.

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