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Why the store is not moving the explosion-proof lights on the internet to sell very fire

Jun 15, 2017

First, the explosion-proof lamp entity shop Face the consumer group has the limitation, basically is the periphery crowd, plus it belongs to the industrial lamp basically. Now patronize the physical hardware store customers, these people are basically concerned about the quality of LED explosion-proof lamps, as well as the applicable places, for the big name they do not care too much. Sometimes to their introduction, this is a manufacturer's brand of products, good quality, they will say, accustomed to the original brand, basically do not want to change: As long as the explosion-proof performance, durable, not often repaired, what brand does not make, does not matter.

Second, online shopping, choice of large, what kind of LED explosion-proof lights can be found. As a result, the number of people who visit the explosion-proof shop this age is relatively small. The general entity shop has the sale of explosion-proof lamp storefront is also less, so more and more people, on-line search. As long as there is a sale, you can search. This kind of customer group although small, but add up a lot of all over the country, shop is facing customers all over the country, sales range. Therefore, the explosion-proof lights on the internet than the physical store to sell better.

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