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A Brief Introduction To Senlu Electric Comany

Nov 17, 2017

We, Senlu Electric Company, is a top LED manufacturer in China, targeting at high-end lighting market, especially high power products. In the past, we spend 12 years on the research of effective heat sink with the purpose of solving the main problem of LED – heat dissipation. In 2015, the 9th generation heat sink (sunflower heat sink) was finally invented. In this case, the lifespan of our LED products is reaching 50000 hours. In this year 2017, Senlu Electric Company has been awarded The Most Influential Brand by Chinese government, and the Golden Brand by Chinese Road Lighting Association.


Our LED products have following advantages:


1.       Heat sink. It is made of extrusion aluminum alloy with high heat conductivity ( 220w/m.k); heat can be delivered by convection; the heat dissipation area 0.4/kg; direct dissipation without intermediary substances; short heat dissipation 65mm, less heat loss.

2.       Citizen COB – original from Japan, the best COB brand in the world. It has high LED efficacy, high junction temperature ( longer life span), better stability, lower luminous

3.       Optical glass lens – 95% light transmittance; round angle: 45 °, 65 °,85 °,125 °; optical glass lens is the best material for light distribution and not easily be aged or turn yellow.

4.       Senlu driver – all components from world-class brands: USA NS, TDK Japan, Japan Sharpy optocoupter, Nippon chemi-con, USA ST diodes.


Our products have huge advantages in high power LED fields and our company is a leading manufacturer in China. We hope that we provide proper service to customers all around the world in the long-run.


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