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China's Policy To Promote The Rapid Development Of LED Explosion-proof Lamps

Jun 15, 2017

Since 21st century, with the development of industry: the rapid development of petroleum, chemical, mining and other industries, the use of lighting lamps in production, warehousing and rescue is more and more widespread. At this time in the explosive gas dangerous place how to prevent the lighting fixtures accidental explosion of the occurrence of a very important.

As ordinary lighting fixtures inevitably produce sparks or form glowing surfaces at work, they can lead to explosion accidents that directly endanger the lives and safety of national property and citizens once they meet with explosive gas mixtures at the scene of production or rescue. Therefore, as the most widely used lighting, its explosion-proof technology has aroused widespread concern and high attention, in this case, the explosion-proof lamp was born.

In order to promote the LED explosion-proof lights, the country from the overall strategic height of the system deployment, 2012, the State Council arranged 2.2 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lights; The Ministry of Commerce launched the Hundred City thousand stores energy-saving demonstration, the NDRC and other six ministries jointly issued "Semiconductor lighting The introduction of this series of policies has played a significant role in promoting the semiconductor lighting industry. Correspondingly, the local policy also unceasingly launches, more and more regions are striving to build the semiconductor illumination industrial base, has formulated the semiconductor illumination Industry plan, has promulgated each support policy, launches the semiconductor Illumination Application demonstration project.

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