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Interpretation Of China LED Lighting Industry Development Policy Environment

Jun 15, 2017

I. Industry Management System

LED industry belongs to the semiconductor photoelectric industry, the industry's administrative department is the National Ministry of Industry and Informatization, the Ministry of Industry and Information technology with other relevant departments of the State to formulate industrial policies, industrial development planning, etc., to guide the industry's coordinated and orderly development.

LED industry association for China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association. The association is mainly responsible for conducting national industry surveys, convening professional conferences and evaluating industry projects, and receiving the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Information technology. In addition, the LED industry Self-discipline Association also includes the China Optical optoelectronic Industry Association optoelectronic Devices Branch and China Lighting Association semiconductor Lighting Professional Committee.

II. Industry development policies and regulations

In order to promote the development of LED industry, China in the "XV" period to increase the support of the LED industry, in recent years has also been intensively introduced a number of important industrial support policies, mainly include:

China LED industry related policies and regulations (i)

China LED industry related policies and regulations (ii)

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