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Requirements Of LED Lamps For Low-voltage Drive Chips

Jun 15, 2017

1. The nominal input voltage range of the driving chip should meet the DC Inter 40v to cover the wide application needs. It is better to withstand pressure than 45V. When input is AC 12V or 24V, the output voltage of a simple bridge rectifier will fluctuate with the voltage of the network, especially when the voltage is high, the output DC voltage will be high. If the drive IC does not have a wide input voltage range, it will often be penetrated when the grid voltage is elevated, thus burning the LED light source.

2. The nominal output current of the driver chip is greater than 1.2 1.5A. As the LED light source for lighting, the nominal working current of 1W power LED light source is 350mA, the nominal working current of 3W power LED light source is 700mA. Large power LED light source needs more current, so the LED lighting selection of the driver IC must have enough current output, design products must also make the drive IC work in full load output of the $number best working area. The use of full load output current of the driver IC in the lamp small space cooling, easily led to fatigue and early failure.

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