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The Cause Of Increasing Demand Of LED Floodlight

Jun 15, 2017

1, efficient energy saving-these lights use up to 80% more energy savings than using halogen bulbs for lighting standards. Imagine how much you can save on electricity bills, especially when you have to have a big birthday celebration outdoors, celebrating your baby's first birthday or a formal party to celebrate the success of your business.

2, durable-people when it comes to durability and longevity. Their life expectancy has not been interrupted for 50,000 hours. They can last up to 10 times times longer than ordinary incandescent and halogen bulbs.

3, environmental protection-the use of LED floodlight to minimize light pollution, because unlike ordinary bulbs these do not emit harmful gases. In addition, it is not necessary to produce hazardous metals such as lead and mercury.

4, security-which generally brings in the use of bulbs earlier consumes a lot of energy, so the heat emission level is also high. This has led to a high risk of fire, but the energy consumption and emissions of these LED lights are relatively low, or negligible.

5, color selection-General halogen bulbs or incandescent and fluorescent lamps without any variety, when it comes to the color selection. LED lights can be selected from a wide spectrum of colors.

6, affordable-you may have to spend a little more than those old-fashioned bulbs, but they are still financially affordable. And with saving energy and electricity, this is definitely a sensible investment.

7, low maintenance costs-As mentioned above, we can rely on their durability and long service life, so that the maintenance of the way simple.

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