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The Development Of LED Industrial Lighting In Industrial 4.0

Jun 15, 2017

There are no workers in the workshop of the Automation factory, the machine is running automatically ... It seems that all this is no longer just a dream. As early as 2015, the Chinese government published the Chinese version of "China made 2025", "Industrial 4.0", the entire system consists of intelligent products, intelligent production, intelligent plant three parts. In the realization of the intelligent factory, lighting is an indispensable link. So, we cannot help asking, what is the development of industrial lighting today? Will it change in response to changes in the trend of the times?

LED industrial lighting, the great charm of niche market

In fact, compared to home, commercial lighting, industrial lighting seems to be the entire lighting family of relatively small and low-key members; automotive lighting, infrared ultraviolet LED, optical communications, such as high-frequency words in the media reports, industrial lighting is relatively unpopular words, but this will not affect its charm--in the case of LED replacement demand continued to rise, and the government-related subsidies, industrial lighting market growth is fast.

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