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Why We Choose Senlu LED

Dec 07, 2017

As a lighting manufacturer, we realize that our customers operate their businesses in harsh industrial environments requiring advanced lighting which is efficient, supports productivity, and above all, ensures the safety of their employees.

Traditional lighting technologies such as Metal Halide, Fluorescent and High Pressure Sodium, require significant and frequent maintenance. In this case, work sites and plants must stock many different types of lamps, ballasts and other fixture components to maintain these systems. These older technologies have short lifespan, poor lumen maintenance and contain material harmful to our environment. With our properly designed products, Senlu LED systems can offer superior energy efficiency, reliability, longevity, improved light levels, visual clarity, and ultimately cost savings from reduced or eliminated lighting related maintenance, certified lamp recycling and of course energy costs.

That’s why we go choosing in Senlu LED lighting as our first lighting solution.

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