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250W COB LED Street Light Extrusion Aluminum Alloy Lamp Body Materials

250W COB LED Street Light Extrusion Aluminum Alloy Lamp Body Materials

High quality High power IP65 outdoor High way Projector street lamp 250w Product Description Advantage & Benefit (1) Top Brand electronic components. . (2) Power Factor: 0.90 THD <18% Waterproof / Dustproof / Antiseptics (3) Smart dimmer(Optional):Dali,PWM,1-10V dc,Time dimming. (4) Many...

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Product Details

250W COB LED street light Extrusion aluminum alloy lamp body materials

Product Description

Senlu Photocell 240w led street light adopt citizen cob which is high efficient, stable quality, L70>6000hours.

Adopt special optical lens which can cast the rays of every LED onto a rectangular area,batwing lightdistribution curve ensures that the lamp's light efficiently projecting onto the road. The design of rectangular illuminated spot is correspond to road lighting.

1. Photos of 250 watt led street light


Advantage & Benefit

1. Light Source: Original Citizen COB/Bridgelux Array


2. High Effect Heat Sink

Comparision of heatsink

3.High Quality And Long-lifetime Driver

D2 driver

4.Optical Glass Lens


Quality control

Strict QC System


Company Information


About aluminum alloy extrusion technology

1. Extrusion classification

2. The structure and design points of a simple extrusion die

3. The structure and design points of the split combined extrusion die:

Extrusion classification:

Solid profile: no holes in the entire section of the profile.

Hollow profile: There are holes in the section of the profile.

The structure and design points of a simple extrusion die:

There are two types of single extrusion die: the first is a solid profile extrusion die. The second type is a hollow profile extrusion die. The specific structure is as follows:

1) Extrusion cylinder: A multi-layered cylinder made of high-strength alloy steel, generally with an inner liner removable. The length is determined by the tonnage of the extruder. Material: jacket 5CrMnMo, inner sleeve 3Cr2W8V.

2) Mold support: ensure that the mold and the mold pad are concentric, which is an auxiliary tool when installing the mold and the mold pad.

3) Mold pad: The die pad and the die have the same outer dimensions, and the thickness is 3 times of the thickness of the mold, and the extrusion force is with the mold. The die pad and die hole are slightly larger than the die. Material: Alloy tool steel.

4) Pressing nozzle: An auxiliary device that ensures that the mold does not shift during the extrusion process and is closely matched with the extrusion cylinder. The structure and size are determined according to the tonnage of the extruder.

5) Extrusion gasket: An auxiliary device that prevents the extrusion shaft from coming into direct contact with the extruded metal. The outer diameter is smaller than the inner diameter of the extrusion barrel and the thickness is between 40 and 150 mm.

6) Extrusion shaft: When the extrusion shaft is working, it protrudes into the extrusion cylinder and contacts the pressing pad, and the extruded bearing is subjected to the maximum pressing force of the extruder. Material: 3Cr2W8V.

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