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400W LED Street Light 50000hrs IP66 High Lumen Energy Saving Road Lamp

High power LED Super Bright High efficiency IP65 outdoor 400 watt led street light Product Description Advantage & Benefit (1) Top Brand electronic components. . (2) Power Factor: 0.90 THD <18% Waterproof / Dustproof / Antiseptics (3) Smart dimmer(Optional):Dali,PWM,1-10V dc,Time dimming....

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Product Details

400W LED Street Light 50000hrs IP66 high lumen energy saving road lamp

Product Description

Our company's street lamp lens material is improved optical material, the transmittance is ≥93%, the temperature is -38-+90 degrees, and the anti-UV ultraviolet yellowing rate is unchanged for 30,000 hours.

3.LED street light, mainly used for LED street light lens, the spot is rectangular, the material is PMMA optical material, the transmittance is ≥93%, the temperature is -38-+90 degrees, the anti-UV ultraviolet light yellowing rate is 30,000 hours without change. Wait,

4. The average illuminance of the uniformity of road surface illumination is 0.48, and the spot ratio is 1:2.

5. Meet the road illumination. (The actual 1/2 center spot reaches 25 LUX, the 1/4 center light intensity reaches 15 LUX, the lowest light intensity of 4 lux at 16 meters, and the overlapping light intensity is about 6 LUX.

6. It has very good application prospects in new urban lighting. Dimming of depth, and color and other characteristics do not change due to dimming.

7. Adapt to humidity: ≤95.


Our company produces 400w led street light module efficiency outdoor light module, 40,000lm. Efficient citizen corn cob, L70> 60000 hours. Rectangular glass lens, no aging and dust. The drive can be removed and replaced for up to 20 years. Multiple protection, sensor, dimmable, photocell, solar optional. Three-year quality assurance. A good after-sales service. Professional production equipment and quality testing equipment. Undertake new and old customers around the world to visit our factory to discuss cooperation


Parameters of 400 watt led street light


400 watt led street light IES/ lux


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