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Led Street Light 84w Top Quality Wholesale Price Aluminium Housing IP65

Led Street Light 84w Top Quality Wholesale Price Aluminium Housing IP65

High way city bridges Projector 3years warranty IP66 CE ROHS FCC 80 watt led street light Product Description Advantage & Benefit (1) Top Brand electronic components. . (2) Power Factor: 0.90 THD <18% Waterproof / Dustproof / Antiseptics (3) Smart dimmer(Optional):Dali,PWM,1-10V dc,Time...

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led street light 84w Top Quality Wholesale Price Aluminium Housing IP65

Senlu led street light 84w,high efficient with 8800lumens,50000hours lifespan. adopt special optical lens which can cast the rays of every LED onto a rectangular area,batwing lightdistribution curve ensures that the lamp's light efficiently projecting onto the road. The design of rectangular illuminated spot is correspond to road lighting.




Advantage & Benefit

1. Light Source: Original Citizen COB/Bridgelux Array

▄Efficacy 160lm/wCOB or Array original form citizen/Brigdgelux

▄TJ capality up to 140degc

▄CRJ min at Ra 80

▄lumen decay <2.1% 6000 hours

▄L70 lifespan >60000hours

▄lm80 and TM21 tested

▄UL standard (UL 8750)

2. High Effect Heat Sink

▄Extrusion Aluminum AL6063 heat sink

Heat conductivity coeffcient "201W/m.K"

▄Patent Fin Type heat radiating area :6000mm2/w

▃TJ controlled at 90-100 degree ,Tc at 60-700

(Citizen COB max TJ capacity 140 assure luminaire lifespan>_ 5000hours)

3.High Quality And Long-lifetime Driver

▄ Smart dimmer(Optional):Dali,PWM,1-10V dc,Time dimming.

▄ Power Factor:0.90 THD <18% Waterproof/Dustproof/Antiseptics (1) Top Brand electronic components..

▄Many Protect Function

(Short Circuit Protect,Open Circuit Protect,Overload Protect,Filter Protect,Overvoltage Protect,Lighting Strike protect)

4、Senlu LED Street Light is the Rectangle angle:

120x60 degree

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