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Road Led Light 3500k 4000k 50w Latest Design LED Super Bright 5000lm IP65

Latest design LED Super Bright High way Projector street lamp road light 50w Manufacturers Product Description Advantage & Benefit (1) Top Brand electronic components. . (2) Power Factor: 0.90 THD <18% Waterproof / Dustproof / Antiseptics (3) Smart dimmer(Optional):Dali,PWM,1-10V dc,Time...

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Road led Light 3500k 4000k 50w Latest Design LED Super Bright 5000lm IP65

Color temperature contrast table

Color temperature colour feel
<3000K (with red white)  warm
3000-5000k  middle (white) refreshing
>5000K Cool type (with blue white) cold


COB/Array Brand

Citizen / Bridgelux (Cree optional)

Color Temperature

3000K/5000K (2700K~6500K optional)

LED Efficacy


COB/Array Quantity

1 Piece

Luminous Efficacy


Luminous Flux (Typical)




Material of LED Lens

Optical glass

Light Transmission of LED Lens


Beam Angle

60*120 degree

Electrical parameters

Input Voltage

AC 85-265V

(DC 12V/ 24V/ 36V can be customized)

Output Current


Power Supply Quantity

1 Piece

Total Power Consumption


LED Power Consumption


Power Factor


Power Efficiency





Model No.


Sodium Lamp Replacement


Metal Halide Lamp Replacement


Average Lifespan

50000 hours

IP Rating


Fixture Material

Aluminum Alloy

Ambient Temperature


Dimensions (L*W*D)


Net Weight


Maintenance Cost

(Based on Order Price)

Power Supply Part


LED Part


Fixture Part


Extend:What is color temperature?

The color temperature is the scale indicating the color of the light source, and the unit is K (Kelvin)!

In physics, color temperature refers to heating a standard black body. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, the color begins to change gradually from deep red-light red-orange-white-blue-blue. When a light source and black body are the same color, we will The absolute temperature of the black body at that time is called the color temperature of the light source. Color temperature is an important application in the fields of photography, video, and publishing! The color temperature is warm white, natural white (white), cool white, etc.

LED color temperature refers to the color of the LED light when it is illuminated. It is generally divided into three types: white (2700K-4500K), white (4500-6500K), and cool white (6500K or more).

Usually the light seen by the human eye is composed of the spectrum of seven shades of light. But some of them are blue and some are reddish. Color temperature is a method used to measure and calculate the color components of light. How to accurately position the color temperature? This requires the use of a "color thermometer". Under normal circumstances, from 10 noon to 2 pm, the clear cloudless sky, in the absence of direct sunlight, the standard daylight is about 5200~5500°K. The color temperature of the news photography lamp is 3200°K; the tungsten lamp used in the general tungsten lamp, the photo studio to shoot the black and white photo, and the general ordinary bulb light have a color temperature of about 2800°K; because the color temperature is low, in this case The photos will be yellowish when they are printed. The color temperature of a typical fluorescent lamp is around 7200~8500°K, so photos taken under fluorescent light will be cyan.

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